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All About Fiddy 8

‘Fiddy 8’ is the moniker invented by the core recording trio of life-long buddies and musicians, Donny Green, Bob Tupper, and Perry Jarrell, who co-wrote, produced and published three studio albums of original music. And of late, another life-long buddy and musician, Murry Woods joined the group and contributed to the last two additional albums (‘Fore IV’ and ‘Five V’). Each artist are accomplished solo musicians, writers, and producers, but when they synergize – modern classic music is born.

While in college in the city where ‘the music was born’ (via Buddy Holly), the original Fiddy 8 trio Donny (guitar, vocals), Bob (bass, vocals) and Perry (keys, vocals), were eager musical hounds who stumbled onto each other through mutual friends and want-ads for players to form a rock band.  The three lads quickly hit it off and joined forces with other musicians to form successful bands that iterated names as members rotated around the three -- Smack Dab, Rasputin, Shadowfax, City, Desi Red. The band Shadowfax earned a recording session for four original songs through a battle-of-the-bands contest. Those songs were never released to the public (but we have them somewhere). During these college years, another buddy, Murry Woods, was honing his guitar playing and singing skills, occasionally crossing paths with the three lads. Murry’s musical interests were slightly different and so he forged his path with fine musicians in Lubbock to pursue what is now known as Texas Blues Rock. Donny and Bob continued playing and gigging after the college years as Perry moved away to start his family and corporate engineering life.

After the college years, each artist continued their music separately, occasionally hooking up here and there, but mainly writing songs as solo artists and playing in local cover bands. Murry’s story is bit a different, as he swung almost full-time into his music, writing five studio albums of solid original Texas Blues Rock songs, while he played out with his band in Austin at renowned placed such as Antones.

Though the four buddies would go their separate ways after college years, the original trio fortuitously reunited at Perry’s surprise 50th birthday party arranged by his wife and biggest fan, Eva. When they gathered to reminisce and jam, the juices started flowing again, and the boys were writing songs together. They recorded their first set of music in 2010 in Donny’s home studio. A name was needed for the recording group, and ‘Fiddy 8’ was born… born as they were in 1958.

Fiddy 8 has been writing, performing, producing, and recording for over 10 years now. Their discography includes Rides Again, House of Dreams, The Cake (a concept album), Fore IV, and the just-released fifth album, Five V. More is planned.

Listen, watch, visit, follow, like Fiddy 8 on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube. Their modern classic music is available on all popular streaming services… Enjoy!

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