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Summit Media Service provides Texoma with both still and video imaging solutions, including


  • Aerial Photography and Videography using drones 

  • Ground-based images and videos captured with professional equipment

  • Full post-production facilities - we can turnkey the production of your Production, including Direct/Shoot/Edit, add voiceover, set to music, etc.  


Aerial photography offers a unique perspective on the subject being photographed.   We can capture breathtaking, high-resolution images/video of subjects from overhead without the need for a costly manned aircraft to get the camera platform to where the subject is.  


For real estate, we offer guided virtual video tours of ranches, farms or commercial properties. 


What goes up must come down.

Setting Aerial Photography aside for a moment, operations involving any aircraft, manned or not, creates the potential for risk to people or property on the ground.  Managing that risk requires careful adherence to a checklist of best practices, such as airspace research, equipment maintenance, expert knowledge of and adherence to laws and rules governing the use of aircraft, and an unremitting focus on safety.  This doesn't happen by accident, and at Summit Media Service we are proactive about ensuring safe operation of our aircraft is woven into all our flight operations, from planning through execution and review.   If our minimums are not met, we don't fly.  For instance, we may have a shoot that we have to reschedule if weather conditions exceed our safety margins.  All our flight operations are insured, and our staff highly trained to minimize the risk to us, our customers, bystanders and property on the ground.


You can take that to the bank.  Literally.

UAV flight operations and Drone Photography are cutting edge, high tech activities, yet we maintain a rather old fashioned approach for operating our business: our word is our bond.  If we say we will deliver, we will do so to the very best of our ability, on time, on spec and on budget.  Whether we are hired for Real Estate Photography, Infrastructure Inspections or Video Production work, we show up on time and deliver to your satisfaction or we don't get paid.  


Would you hire a driver who doesn't have a license?  Neither would we.

We take a great deal of pride in what we do.  All our flight operations staff are FAA Part 107 licensed pilots, with a remote SUAS rating.  Feel free to ask any of our pilots to show you their license, they will be happy to do so.  Not just because having this license is a legal requirement (it is), but also because it's the right thing to do.  Being safe and reliable means one must take the work seriously, and this is the mark of a true professional.  We don't cut corners or take risks and don't deliver a substandard product. 

Like you, we care a lot about the work we do.

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